Friday, April 3, 2015

Naturally Dyed Eggs // For Easter, For Spring, For All

"There’s something of a restorative quality about spring, 
where something whispers wild rumors of new beginnings arising 
from the seemingly dead seeds in our lives. There’s something 
almost cruel about it all, as if there might be some sort of truth
 about a new life actually being possible. 
Yet, maybe it is true.” 

(Craig D. Lounsbrough)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cream Cheese French Toast with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries, Dark Chocolate, and Mint

Spring; how empty of a house she was, in which the shutters were closed and the garden was withered and how dark it was, how cold it was, so she planted a seed said "there" as if that were supposed to keep the shade from creeping back in. But the sun refused to shine and the rivers all wept themselves dry, but still, she whispered, "Let it be, let it be," and how wild it was to let it be; how wild and dangerous of an idea! but they let it be and let it be. And the seed, how it grew; how it grew like wildfire, how it swept the shutters from the walls, and the sun, how it came back! and it laid down beside her and it kissed the salt from her eyes. And how sweet it was, how light it was. How light, how sweet, how soft. How so very spring.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cardamom Ricotta Pancakes with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries

Spring, winter; this is my favorite transition. To watch the world rise from ashes, all anew. To see the sun, no less than moon. Balance. I always seem to convince myself that the snow will never end; perpetual winter. It's not true. We live in a world on the precipice of being. We are constantly becoming, becoming, becoming.