Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apple Crumble Baked Oatmeal (Oatgasm x Oatmeal Odyssey)

"...In the midst of this bubbling, oozing riff of a cobbler, there is a metaphor. The apples give out all their natural sugars, becoming hot, soft; something old into something new, another resurrection in the midst of it all. A light crumble on top glows golden, and a handful of almonds lend a delicate savor to the spicy crust. Crone of summer and eve of autumn, balancing together in the best of breakfasts."

About last week, I was asked to write a guest post for the lovely Oatmeal Odyssey. Head on over for a small lesson on metaphorical eating, photos, and, of course, the recipe!

Find the rest of the post here, and make sure to check out some of her other recipes while you're at it. Thanks everyone!

P.S.- I forgot to mention it in the post, but this crumble would be a happy host 
to a little scoop of ice cream. Enjoy!