Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oatgasm X Mancrates: Cookout Essentials Summer 2014

These last few days of summer are moving about as quickly as that last drop of Aunt Jemima’s blackstrap molasses that you found in the depths of your spice cabinet, and had to use a wrench to unscrew. And now you’re staring at that tiny black bead, shimmering down the side of the glass (the wrong side, I might mention), as if you were caught in the midst of a late-summer Oklahoma drought and that drop is the last particle of precipitation within miles.

I’m holding my breath ‘till the end, in fear that if I release my lungs at the wrong moment, that golden drop, the whole world, the entire summer, will decapitate by the sheer oppressiveness of my exhale. And because wherever there’s Aunt Jemima’s blackstrap molasses, there’s usually something sweet in the making, and I don’t dare leave out a single drop.

It’s undeniably hot. It’s humid. It’s sultry. But it’s still summer (and almost Labor Day weekend), nonetheless, and I’ll take it just how it is. Even though summer is dwindling down, there are still days to left to get outside and enjoy the weather, our neighbors, and the vitality of summer as a whole. Soiree! Fete! A gathering of sorts to say goodbye to summer or hello to autumn, whichever you prefer, is in high demand. Today I’m pairing up with Man Crates to kick start the end of your summer with their summer cookout campaign. They’ve asked me to post a few of cookout essentials that I feel would make up the perfect get-together.

Yes, Man Crates. As in crates for men, made for men (although, I personally think that every woman could use a zombie apocalypse crate, just in case). Man Crates is a newly developed company that specializes in premade gifts, or crates, for guys. Their mission is to “to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for men.” Visit their website, where you’ll find over 20 different crate themes, with everything from the Sriracha Crate, complete with a sriracha spray bottle, to the Zombie Suppression Crate, featuring a high-carbon steel blade machete and a package of Twinkies. The best part is that whatever you buy is delivered to your doorstep in a custom wooden crate, complete with a laser-etched crow bar to pry it open with. No frills, no bows, no dainty tags to bestow your love on. There’s a crate for every manlihood, whether you or your man is a voracious carnivore, a verdant golfer, an avid gamer, an articulate shaver; there’s something there for everyone.

Thanks to the unrelenting rain and humidity, I wasn’t able to photograph this post myself (save for the quote above). So instead, I’ve collected some of my favorite images from around the internet, to hopefully provide a bit of inspiration. Clicking on them will lead you directly to the source they were found.